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The century-old mountainous trails in Danlan

Dating back 200 years, the Danlan Old Trail System bears witness to the history of Tamsui Prefecture in northern Taiwan and Kavalan Prefecture in eastern Taiwan during the Qing Dynasty. The trails are characterized by beautiful scenery and much culture.

National-level Green Hiking Trail System

In recent years, the government and private groups have worked together to repair these meandering old trails, with volunteers contributing their “hand-making” effort. In 2018, the Northern Path, the Central Path, and the Southern Path were complete. Danlan Old Trail System is now a national-level green hiking trail system. Other than cultural and natural diversity, it is linked to the area’s most popular tourist attractions. Both mountaineering newbies and experienced explorers can find their suitable paths and immerse in charming Danlan. This tourist highlight allows visitors to enjoy a global-level long-distance hiking experience without going abroad.

The features of Danlan hiking Trails

(1) A new global tourist highlight

Danlan’s natural scenery and cultural sites are worth some exploration by visitors from around the world. Through a multi-faceted integral platform, we hope visitors can learn about Danlan’s nature and culture more deeply and enjoy this fulfilling and diverse place.

(2) Cultural and historical diversity

Danlan tells many things of the past, such as the roads built by indigenous people among their tribes, gold-digging by the Spanish and the Dutch, land cultivation by Zhangzhou people, tea trade by Anxi merchants, missionary work by overseas priests, the “road of 1895,” Mazu and Earth God worships, and field trips by the China Youth Corps. Hiking along Danlan trails and you shall read the history of Taiwan - and Danlan - from the Taiwan Strait and the Pacific Ocean to the island’s mountains.

(3) Thematic hiking routes

Most of the hiking trails in Taiwan are for short-distance walks. Danlan’s century-old hiking system brings each area’s special paths together, for visitors to explore nature through longer walks. This shall also help to advertise the thematic hiking routes.

(4) Community sectors

Danlan’s century-old mountain trails are closely linked to nearby communities. Along the old routes built for industrial purposes, we aim to integrate the community and industry resources of today.

In the near future, we will refurbish the scenic spots while retaining their historical looks, so as to draw more visitors.