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Danlan Cultural Trail North Path, also known as an "Official Trail," was once an important route for document exchange and military purposes between Taipei and Yilan. Starting at the East Gate in Taipei, the trail is nearly 200 kilometers in length and passes through Qidong Old Street, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and Raohe Street, continuing along the Keelung River Bicycle Path to Nangang and Xizhi. Along the way, visitors can explore the many historical features of Danlan North Path.

Starting from the East Gate, take the footpath connecting Renai Road to Qidong Street, then turn into Bade Road, which is the former official trail of the North Path. Qidong Old Street in the downtown area is home to venues that will interest culture enthusiasts, nestled among Japanese-style mansions it providing visitors with a quiet stroll through history. Follow Civic Boulevard and cross Jianguo South Road, passing Fuyou Temple which was built in the 17th year of the reign of Qing Emperor Daoguang (1837) and Zhonglun Fucheng Temple built in 1822. Witness first-hand the history of land reclamation and canal construction by early settlers in Zhonglun and Shangtoupi more than 100 years ago. Continue along Civic Boulevard and turn into Raohe Street,  formerly Xikou Street, which is home to the Presbyterian Church founded by Dr. Mackay, Songshan Fude Temple, Songshan Cifu Temple and Songshan Ciyou Temple, which is more than 260 years old. It is like revisiting the prosperity and grandeur of the distant past.

Danlan North Path is an urban road that travels along friendly pedestrian paths and bikeways, offering a view of how Han settlers reclaimed land and established villages among the prosperous streets of the city. After arriving at Songshan, visitors can cycle along the Keelung Riverside bikeway to Nangang to see the expansive riverside scenery. Ride a bicycle and explore the beauty of Danlan North Path.