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The city cultural trail connects the most important cultural sites in Taipei City at that time, linking to Bangka Cultural Trail, Dadaocheng Cultural Trail, Danlan North Path, and Danlan South Path, to form a circular trail. It is also the core of the Taipei Danlan Cultural Trail Heartland.

Starting at the century-old Beimen Square, walk along Boai Road and Wuchang Street, until you reach the Qing Dynasty Tamsui County Yamen (today’s Taiwan Province Chenghuang Temple), and then enter 228 Memorial Park via Chongqing South Road and Hengyang Road, where visitors can see the simple and elegant Hong Teng-yun Memorial Arch and Huang Family Widow's Memorial which are listed municipal monuments. Exit Ketagalan Boulevard from 228 Memorial Park to the East Gate, then follow the sidewalk outside the National Library to the South Gate Roundabout. The former is the starting point for Danlan South Path, and the latter connects to Danlan Bangka Cultural Trail. Zhongshan South Road and Aiguo West Road were the location of Taipei City Wall at that time. Before the section of Zhonghua Road, turn right into Yanping South Road, then turn right into Changsha Street to see the remains of Fan School built during the Qing Dynasty, a testament to the history of education for Taiwan's indigenous peoples. Take Hengyang Road to the West Gate and although the old city gate has long since disappeared, visitors can still feel the changes of the West Gate from ancient times to the present from the statue in the square. Continue along Yanping South Road where today's Zhongshan Hall and its square were the modern Qing Dynasty Yamen of Treasury and Civil Administration and the Qing Dynasty Taiwan Governor's Yamen. From the square, visitors can see historical photos and inscriptions.

Finally, visitors can follow Yanping South Road back to North Gate Square and complete the Danlan City Cultural Trail. This route connects Zhongshan Hall Square, North Gate Square and the 228th Memorial Park. There are spacious pedestrian paths, which make walking comfortable and relaxing. The section from Yanping South Road to Chongqing South Road, it is mainly composed of roadside sidewalks and covered walkways. Visit the City Cultural Trail to savor these historical features.