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7.50 km
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Family trails

Danlan Old Trail South Path is also known as "Tea Road." In the old days, the tea economy was the most valuable industry in Taiwan, and Danlan Old Trail South Path prospered as a result. Starting at the South Gate on Sanshui Street, follow Nanchang Road and pass Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Company, Taiwan Museum South Gate Park, and Nanchang Park. On the way, visitors will walk on sidewalks and covered walkways along a route that follows an ancient road which enriches their cultureal experience.

Turn into Heping East Road and then Shida Road, cross Xinhai Road and arrive at Wenzhou Street. Not only is this a comfortable are to walk, the landscape is also a combination of green belts and canal cultural sites. The quiet alleys are excellent for walking. On the way, visitors pass the first large-scale diversion of the Xindian River water system into the Taipei Plain – Wulixue Canal and Lugong Canal, the latter of which at more than 200 years old is the earliest and largest irrigation project.

Crossing Xinhai Road and connecting to Fanglan Road, we enter a different Taipei landscape, passing Yifang House and Fanglan Mansion, two century-old cultural heritage buildings. The low-rise buildings connect to the open skyline and the century-old buildings, creating an impression that we have stepped back in time into Taipei City 50 years ago. Finally, on Wolong Street we reach the end of South Road, Fuyang Park. Visitors are welcome to come and explore this historical trail.