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Length of the trail
3.46 km
0 m
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0 m
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The mountain-river connection section of Danlan Old Trail is the part of Danlan Mountain Cultural Trail that connects the mountain and river trails. The front section is connected to the river trail section of the Danlan Cultural Trail and located in Wenshan District, Taipei City. It is a relatively primitive natural trail that allows visitors to get close to nature. It starts at Muzha Station, passes through Muzha Road Section 4, connects to Quanshan Old Trail, and finally reaches Chongde Street.

Quanshan Old Trail got its name because from a distance it was considered to resemble a fist in ancient times. During the period of Japanese rule, it was also called Quanshan Fort. Later, after the merger of Jingmei and Muzha Districts, the area was give its old name Fist Mountain. Walk out of Muzha MRT Station and head towards Muzha Road Section 4 to start the trail. The current pavement is concrete, but the route follows the old trail and visitors still feel nostalgic as they encounter the imprints of our ancestors left on the local environment. Surrounded by greenery, the branches of the lush green trees hang down as if waving to visitors, and the blooming flowers are like smiling faces, embellishing the journey with comfort and healing.

There are many corners here for visitors to explore. Let’s go to the mountain-water connection section of Danlan Old Trail, where visitors can get closer to nature, enjoy mountains forests, and recharge body and mind.