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The Danlan Cultural Trail Water Route starts at water gate on Guilin Road, connecting to the Bangka Cultural Trail to the east and Tamsui River riverside bikeway to the west. It goes all the way south through the Taipei Geese Protected Area and connects to Xindian via Huajiang Bridge. The Riverside Bikeway passes through many green parks such as Shuangyuan Riverside Park, Huazhong Riverside Park and Machangding Memorial Park. On arriving here, visitors can enter Qingnian Park through the water gate on Qingnian Road where they can take a rest, or go to the Wanhua Story House to learn about the development of the Wanhua (Bangka) area and the changes in the landscape.
Continue along Xindian River bicycle path, through Zhongzheng Riverside Park, Guting Riverside Park and Yongfu Riverside Park. In the surrounding area, visitors pass Treasure Hill in Yongfu Riverside Park to visit the 270-year-old Xizhou Fude Temple, and then walk along Xizhou Street to see Wanqingyan Qingshui Zushi Temple, a religious center built by people from Anxi in Fujian, China, with a history of nearly 200 years. Continuing along the Jingmei River Bikeway, one can stop to visit Jingmei Jiying Temple, which is a municipal historic site. Entering the Muzha District, be sure to visit Fuchuantou Fudong Temple, which is over a century old. Finally, continue along the beautiful bicycle path to reach Muzha Zoo.

Danlan Water Route has a riverside bikeway, where one can see first-hand the history of water transportation from Jingmei Creek and Xindian River to Bangka. The view is extensive and reaches into the distance. Hop on a bicycle and roam along the riverside, taking in all exquisite scenery along the way.