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Length of the trail
18.20 km
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Family trails

Historical routes are symbolic trails and as most of them are located on provincial roads walking is not recommended. Such routes are best seen by bicycle or using the public transportation system (trains, buses) or train stations can be used as retreat points with routes completed in sections.

Departing from Waiao Station, visitors pass the First Palace of Wudang Ancestral Temple – Waiao Jietian Temple. Other than praying for peace at the temple, you can also get a cup of coffee or stop and rest at venues in the surrounding area. Continue southbound and arrive at unmanned Dingpu Station, between Toucheng and Jiaoxi stations, which is located close to the road and seamlessly connected to the level crossing. Continue to the TBM Public Art Area, where the full-section tunnel boring machines used in the construction of Hsuehshan Tunnel are on show, a display with unique historical significance for Yilan's transportation and tunnel engineering. Continue walking to Jiaoxi transfer station and visit Fude Temple, Chaiwei, Baie Village, one of the largest Land God Temples in Jiaoxi Township. Go south and continue to Wu Sha Memorial Hall near Sicheng Railway Station. In addition to explaining how Wu Sha arrived in Yilan, old farming tools and household utensils are also displayed, showcasing life at that time. Finally, we arrive at Zhaoying Temple in Yilan, the end point of the historical route. The planning of the route is such that that it has the same historical significance and value of Danlan Old Trail.