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Length of the trail
7.20 km
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Family trails

On the outskirts of Yilan, the slopes become steeper, while the Mountain Circle Branch Line of the Yilan Plain Line is mainly forested in shallow mountain areas creating a route that combines history and shallow mountain forests.

Walk from Waiao Jietian Temple, look out over the Lanyang Plain from a high vantage point and get to know the geographical environment. Visitors can observe animals and plants in the shallow mountains on the industrial trail with beautiful scenery or try the Daxiu Temple Trail, the best section of the existing ancient roads. You might also see crab-eating mongoose, a feature of the shallow mountain stream environment. Because it is very picky about the environment and prefers low-altitude mountain forests with less development and pollution, the mongoose is a rare visitor that is hard to find. Along the way, travelers pass Wulingshan Daxiu Temple, which is dedicated to Fuyou Dijun. There is a wide square in front of the temple, and visitors can look out over the Wushi Harbor area of Toucheng and Guishan Island in the distance. It is said that this is the best of eight scenic spots to enjoy Sunrise on Guishan Island. We also pass Beimen Keng Fude Temple at the northern end of Toucheng Old Street. Since Heping Street was prosperous in commerce and agriculture in the early days, people lived and worked in peace and contentment, hoping Fude Temple would guard their wealth and the prosperity of Heping Street. Continuing forward, visitors reach Wuying Community Activity Center, the end point of the Mountain Circle Branch Line of the Yilan Plain Line. Walking this route, it is easy to immerse oneself in the mountains and forests, but also gain an extensive understanding of local history.