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Family trails

The Wetland Branch Line of the Yilan Plain Line is close to the seaside. Visitors can see fish ponds scattered all along the route from Toucheng Township Office. Walking further down the alleys, one reaches Sishijia Wetland on the outskirts of the settlement. The clear lake reflects the snow-capped mountains and the scenery is particularly beautiful, filled with rich and diverse natural ecology. Different types of waterbirds live here, whether they have migrated temporarily to spend the winter months or live and reproduce here permanently. Among the wetlands, there are also Indian Almond and Indian Beech trees intertwined to form a circular green tunnel, with sunlight shining through the leaves and making walking through it leisurely and relaxing. It is a section that combines wetland ecological education and bird watching activities.

The route also passes through Chiang-gu Folklore Education Park in Toucheng. During Zhongyuan Festival this is the site of the largest Chiang-gu event in Taiwan which originated when the first settlers such as Wu Sha arrived on the Lanyang Plain to reclaim land. A Zhongyuan Pudu ceremony is held every July to release the souls of victims of natural disasters, diseases and wars from purgatory. Many of the events are unique, and the tour can also be combined with the Chiang-gu event to make the experience even more exciting. The Branch Line ends at the intersection of Lane 371 on Sanhe Road and Sanhe Road. Anyone who walks this branch line goes home with new knowledge of natural ecology and traditional activities.