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12.80 km
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Family trails

The Mountain Border Branch Line of the Yilan Plain Line starts at the intersection of Zhongshan Road Section 2 and Deyang Road in Jiaoxi. It follows the road at the foot of the mountain, passing Fude Temple, old houses and a clothes washing cave with natural water. On the way, visitors also pass by Jinqingxing Canal and Jintongchun Canal, with canals being one of the distinctive features of the Lanyang Plain and inextricably linked to the history of land reclamation. When the Dragon Boat Festival approaches dragon boat teams practice hard on Jintongchun Canal. In addition, visitors can also go to Yilan's famous floating promenade by Qinghe Bridge Jinmei wooden walkway in Yilan City, which was built by a famous designer and combines iron mesh with a wooden walkway to create a mixed art scene that exudes a unique industrial beauty. Walking on the half hollowed out wooden walkway, visitors can roughly make out the river below through the gaps. There are also swings under the bridge, making it a great place for parents, children and friends to relax during the holidays. Finally, we enter from Guangda Lane on the West Road of the Old City which was the location of the city wall in the Qing Dynasty, which was demolished during the period of Japanese rule and converted into a road. The area was a collection of markets and craftsmen in the early days and the most prosperous trading area in Yilan City at that time. The environmental installation art of Guangda Alley combines creativity with the location and through the theme of "Hundreds of Craftsmen in Yilan," calls on local traditional craftsmen to show off their special skills in front of the short alleyway walls, creating a cultural atmosphere that highlights traditional craftsmanship. If visitors want to feel the unique cultural and historical atmosphere of Yilan, then the Mountain Border Branch Line of the Yilan Plain Line is definitely for you.