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Length of the trail
12.40 km
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Family trails

The Yilan Plain Line starts from Zhonglun Road and Sanhe Road. Looking left and right along the route visitors can enjoy the natural scenery of the Lanyang Plain, both sides covered with fish ponds and farmland, where a range of crops are grown but predominantly high quality rice, with the farmland also an important habitat for birds. Banana and fruit trees are also planted in the area. In addition, looking into the distance there is a vast landscape of fields and mountains with scattered old Kavalan settlements on both sides of the line. Among them, the ruins of the sizeable prehistoric settlement of Qiwulan are the most famous archaeological ruins of Kavalan culture on the Lanyang Plain.

The final destination is a Mazu Temple - Yilan Zhaoying temple in the center of Yilan, which is 200 years old, designated a national category three historic site and the only Mazu temple in Taiwan to face the sea. At the end of the trip, visitors pray for health and peace at the temple.

Because much of the route passes through settlements and rice fields, exploring the area on a bicycle is highly recommended. Visitors can enjoy meals and guided tours of the settlement or get close to farmers in the rice fields. They can also immerse themselves in the ruins of the old Kavalan settlement and develop a deeper understanding of the lifestyle enjoyed by former residents in a bygone age.