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Bangka is where the development of Taipei started and the name means "canoe" in the Ketagalan language. The area is located south of Guiyang Street, west of Zhonghua Road, north of Guangzhou Street and east of Huanhe South Road. Taking into consideration the walking space and the Danlan Bangka culture resource points, visitors are provided with a circular route. Passing Lungshan Temple and Qingshui Zushi Temple, two of the three major temples in Taipei, one can enjoy the beauty of Taiwanese temple art, and connect to the Qing Dynasty (1642-1911) Bangka Narrow Gate, Qing Dynasty Orphanage Monument, Bangka Qingshan Temple, Bangka Xie’s Residence, Bangka Church and Bopiliao Historic District. Take the Bangka Cultural Trail to explore the architectural styles and humanistic features of different periods. It is hoped that through the connection of historical sites and story-based tours, those walking the trail can better immerse themselves in the prosperous years and old historical features of Bangka.

In order to link up the Danlan city cultural trail there are two "city entering" routes: from the section two of Changsha Street to Hanzhong Street, Chengdu Road to enter by the West Gate, and east from Guangzhou Street to Yanping South Road and enter by Xiaonanmen. The route involves walking along the streets and alleys of north Bangka, where Guangzhou Street, Guiyang Street and Huaxi Street have designated pedestrian areas or use floor tiles to highlight historical sites and the pedestrian-friendly environment. The rest of the routes are mainly pedestrian pathways or covered walkways. Visitors should visit the Bangka Cultural Trail to expereince its ancient and simple charm.