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The Promotion Main Line of the Yilan Plain Line and the planning of a pedestrian and bicycle-friendly route is mainly based on the historical route and settlements detailed in historical archives. It combines Yilan's historical culture and ecological resources to create a route that showcases the essence of the Lanyang Plain.

Starting from Waiao Station, along the coastal bikeway, if visitors go to the left, they can see Guishan Island. Follow Waiao Beach and pass the Qing Dynasty Wushi Lane ruins. You can walk to Lanyang Museum where there is a permanent exhibition about Yilan and Danlan focused on the memories of Yilan residents. From the museum, one can take the road to Toucheng Old Street and visit nearby attractions and shops, or pay homage at Toucheng City God Temple. After passing Dingpu Station, enter Kavalan Old Settlement. Along the way, we pass Houdongkeng River, TBM Public Art Area and finally arrive at Jiaoxi Railway Station. The street leads to a path on the embankment of Zikou River, and enters Wu Sha settlement where visitors can see construction from that time. After crossing Provincial Highway 9, we arrive at Wunuan Stone Bridge, the main thoroughfare between Jiaoxi and Yilan during the Qing Dynasty. Return to Provincial Highway 9 and the Qing Dynasty crossroads and finally arrive at Zhaoying Temple in Yilan, the end point of the promotion main line. The wide range of paths combined with historical Yilan sites make the route even more fun.