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The Canal Branch Line of the Yilan Plain Line showcases relaxing canal culture. It starts at Jinma Bridge, passes through Damayan, which originally meant "fire" or "the residence of settlers who cooked salt," then traverses the mouth of Zhuan River, passes by Dezikou River bikeway and shuttles through large fish ponds and farmland wetlands. In autumn and winter, visitors can see groups of migratory birds foraging or floating and diving on the fish ponds. In addition, we pass the ruins of many old Kavalan settlements (Zhonglun, Dazhuwei, Fenwei) in the surrounding area, and continue past Erwulian Watergate Park with a large tide-proof drainage gate located at the confluence of Houdong River in Jiaoxi and Shazaixiang drainage channel in Toucheng, before entering downtown Jiaoxi. Proceed to the Qiwulan Archaeological ruins of the old Kavalan Settlement which is one of the most important prehistoric ruins in Taiwan. This was the largest settlement in central and northern Taiwan 400 years ago, and is also the most representative Kavalan archaeological ruin on the Lanyang Plain. Next to the road is the Erlong River, which continues to Huangdeji Canal, passes through Pangetian, and reaches the famous Wunuan Stone Bridge of the former Kavalan settlement. This is paved with long stone slabs and was one of the official routes into Jiaoxi during the Qing Dynasty. Finally, it connects to Jintongchun Canal, with both canals being of considerable historical value. The Canal Branch Line of the Yilan Plain Line is an essential route that linked the Kavalan people, canals and river transportation. Those who are interested in Kavalan history are welcome to visit and experience what life was like for Indigenous people in the old days.