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Dadaocheng is part of Dihua Street and forms a "figure 8" route. It was given this name because in ancient times there was a crop drying ground in this location and used to trade agricultural products. Starting from the North Gate, which is designated as a national first-grade historic site, visitors can go to Dihua Street, the most renowned area of historical street houses in Taiwan. The buildings include an array of styles, ranging from Southern Fujian style to imitation Baroque, modernism and other styles. It is well-known as a street to buy New Year goods and visitors can breathe in the rich historical atmosphere as they stroll along the lanes. On the way, one can also visit the Xiahai City God Temple, which is more than 100 years old, to pray for peace and a good marriage.

Walk west along Minsheng West Road to Dadaocheng Pier. After the opening up of Tamsui River, under the government of Liu Mingchuan, the pier became the most prosperous material distribution center in Taipei, with a focus on tea and cloth. Nowadays, it is a popular tourist attraction for people to relax and enjoy. Whether visitors are strolling along the pier or riding a bicycle along the river bank, they can experience the clear water and blue sky.

The route goes all the way south from Dadaocheng Pier and back to North Gate Square, along which one passes the remains of the Qing Dynasty Machinery Bureau, which was an important base for Taiwan Governor Liu Mingchuan as he implemented his new policies. Currently, the east side wall of the Machinery Bureau and four entrance walls are all that has been discovered of the main buildings. Come and witness these historical relics first hand.